Take advantage of our innovative cloud computing services and solutions today! IT Solution and Support offers powered hybrid, private and public cloud service and solutions with stronger service-level agreements, better customer service, and proven expertise in Australia. Configurations range from on-premises, managed cloud to off-premises public cloud solutions.

Cloud Servers

Most cloud server providers in Australia and other part of the world leave you with only infrastructure, shallow support, and charge an outrageous premium for what little support they do offer. When you connect with IT Solution and Support, you combine what you do best with what they do best, giving you superior edge solutions and competitive advantage.

Why we are different.

We acknowledge that it takes more than infrastructure to get the best out of a cloud server. It takes expertise, the willingness to understand what our customers consider success in the cloud, and help them achieve it. That’s why we offer managed cloud, backing your infrastructure with our in-house, high-touch Cloud Engineers and Support 24×7 a year.

As cloud server providers in Australia, we can:

  • Help you architect and implement cloud workloads at scale.
  • Help run your day-to-day operations—monitoring, responding to alarms, updating your operating systems, and more—all with a dedicated account team.
  • IT Solution and Support offers an exceptional cloud server level of service with the quality and value of our service levels.

Email and Web Hosting

Email has become one of the most commonly used communications mediums among both consumers and businesses. It has actually replaced fax, phone, and other traditional methods in organizations as a main source of communication, with more than one billion users in Australia and worldwide.

Since email has become an effective communication tool, the demand for web hosting has greatly increased. For most people, sending and receiving messages is a simple need that can be satisfied by standard consumer-orientated applications. Organizations and entrepreneurs demand for a reliable infrastructure and essential resources are among the reasons web hosting has become an important service.

We offer reliable feature-rich web hosting for your custom email accounts at the very affordable price and continue to push forward the standards for excellence in affordable web hosting segment.

Cloud Data Backup Solution

Our Cloud technologies provide integrated backup and recovery services.IT Solution and Support cloud date backup solution helps to ease the process of recovering your data in the case of a damage or disaster. All you will need to do is point your backups to our hosted backup repository—offsite backup has never been so easy but we simplify it for you, being able to quickly recover your key servers and applications and getting back in business is what really counts.

We offer businesses with a range of cost-effective ways to replicate and recover critical servers and data center infrastructure.If your organization would like to take advantage of the cloud backup service, you can count on IT Solution and Support cloud date backup solution.